IDEA The concept of ESCLICE house was inspired by traditional Latvian bread – a good slice of rye bread with fresh butter is enough to gain feeling of satisfaction without eating up the whole loaf.


The idea was to create a spatial structure that satisfies desire for high quality living and working environment yet reducing its costs, unnecessary space and ecological footprint to minimum; to create a space, that is easy to use, adopt and shrink or extend; space that embodies fundamental feelings of home - warmth and safety. Home that can be easily taken with you to your favorite place, adapted to the context and your personal needs, a simple home with no stress.


ESCLICE NATIVE is two stories high (5.3m), 13.5m long and 3m wide. Total floor area is 42.0 m2 and it is designed for 2+2 lodgers.


TRANSPORT & INSTALATION The idea is to deliver a complete house with complete outer and inner finishing, installations and furniture. House is delivered in two parts – upper and bottom part. Complete finishing of the two parts and carefully designed junction details allows a quick and easy installation in about two hours by two workers + crane operator. Requirements for the site: 8 foundation posts, water, waste water and electricity installations.


INNER SPACE One of the key elements of ESCLICE house is its pitched roof that as we believe is essential for modeling space that embodies the archetypical sense of home.


Spatial configuration of interior increases visual and physical volume of space. Continues interior space and pitched roof allows implementing principles of natural ventilation in order to increase physical and emotional well-being of inhabitants.


LIVING Comfort, practicality and warm atmosphere are the factors that characterize ESCLICE living home. Carefully designed elements allows one to gain maximal benefit from every day needs and activities – sleeping, cooking, storing goods, washing, cleaning, playing, watching TV and simply enjoying the view from the window.


INTERIOR Esclice house is delivered with complete interior finishing and furnishing yet giving opportunity for personalizing your space. Materiality embodies high quality craftsmanship traditions and usage of natural and warm materials. Side walls are paneled with plywood birch panels while floor and ceilings are covered in ash tree. Flexible panel system allows one to replace or repaint any of desired surfaces.


EQUIPMENT Built-in kitchen, bathroom and storage furniture uses maximum of available space. Portable furniture sets are compiled of designed objects by Mint and MammaLampa lamps. The house is equipped with all the necessary appliances and equipment to start using it right away. See full list of equipment in PDF attachment.


EXTERIOR There are two optional exterior finishes – all wood and wood + zinc. Wooden boards are treated with linen oil in high pressure cameras guaranteeing long lifespan both for wall and roof constructions. Standard color of the facades is all natural look, but they are easy to be painted in desired tone.


DETAILS Precision and accuracy of building process is guaranteed by controlled indoor building conditions and NCS computerized saw technique. Wall, floor and roof composites provide U values equivalent to those required for stationary living house rather than a mobile dwelling. Junctions and nodes are designed for high performance durability against heat losses and moisture appearance. See specifications in PDF attachment.



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